A week later…

My emotions are still reeling. That is not a weakness. It’s a reality. The pain, confusion, shame, fear…it’s all real. They are feelings I’m positive I share with many.

While it is important to turn our emotions into action, here’s what I know: acknowledging our pain and sitting with it for a while is essential to the healing process. So while we act, may we all have the courage to let ourselves hurt, cry, experience rage, and reach in far enough to find love. When we do this, our ability to meet others in their struggle increases. We grow in our capacity to see them as humans just as complex and confused as us.

Let’s be all in. With all the layers and ambiguity that abound around the issue of race right now, can we vow to just be all in? I do. I vow to be right here. To feel, question, love, and be one more voice towards a more loving world.