Deep Love Breaths

It was 1:25, no recess, still no rain, probably some funky energetic residue from the supermoon and in comes my last class of the day. Three children in tears. Many with pouty faces. The rest, indifferent and disconnected. So I had two choices. Tell them to get it together and keep it moving or engage. If you know me, you already know I chose the latter. It turned out, there had been a lot of unkindness among friends in the moments just before my class. So I improvised. 

Me: I can tell you’re not ok. If you’re not ok, I’m not ok. So we’ll start Spanish in a few minutes. For now, let’s take a moment to feel our feelings. Anyone want to share?

Student: Sad.

Student: Sad.

Student: All alone. Now I don’t have friends in this class anymore.

Student: Sad.

Me: So what do you think could help right now?


Me: I know! Let’s make a kindness circle.

We proceeded to make a kindness circle and each child said something kind or gave a compliment to the friend to their right. Each child said thank you without being prompted.

Then…this was my favorite!!!


About six love breaths later, our vibration was different, spirits lifted, and we were able to continue working. Sometimes you just have to pause, be still, be kind, inhale love, and exhale it back out into the world.



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