Jumping back in…

Photo Credit: Carey MacArthur

It has been a year since I have been able to find the words to share on this blog. I shared among a group of educators of color and white allies this evening that those of us engaged in the work of humanity are feeling burned out and voiceless. So in hopes of finding my voice in the silence, I thought I’d go back and read the why behind this blog. My own words have reinvigorated me so….jumping back in!

Welcome to my blog! This is a place to…

practice courage, vulnerability, openness, introspection, and awareness

explore the lens with which I see the world as a human being, educator, artist, mother, spouse, sister, daughter, friend

challenge old paradigms about education, family, race, and culture

honor identity and difference through empathic exchange with myself and others

to be one more voice for change towards a more loving, diverse, inclusive world in all spaces including our homes, classrooms, places of worship, and hearts

With this blog, I am joining converging global conversations around hard topics that affect our families, schools, and communities every day. I am not joining these conversations as an expert but as a human being who is willing to see things as they are – despite the pain and discomfort that they may cause – and take small daily steps to make a difference.

I hope that my words will connect with you in some way. Thanks for reading!


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